Although old and no longer in production the JT8D series engines (JT8D-9A, JT8D-15, JT8D-17, JT8D-217 And JT8D-219) have proven to be very reliable and durable engines. Although limited numbers are in service they provide a very cost and efficient solution. JT8Dman was setup as a one stop solution for all JT8D engine requirements – maintenance, overhaul, outright engine sales, parts, tooling and engine stands.
JT8Dman unique approach is our relationships with engine shops and principals. We cut out the brokers and the middlemen. Whether it’s a 6431, 6435, engine repair or engine sale – you the buyer will work directly with the asset owner or principals. We can assist you in sourcing, selling or repairing any series JT8D engine.

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